Shawl Challenge 2014 – April FO

As I suspected, my choice for April didn’t take long.  Here’s Sugar Rush, the smallest size of Wings of the Dove by Yulia Zakhlebina:

Sugar Rush shawl

I used just under 350m of yarn and the finished item is quite small: less than a metre wide and 55 cm deep.  Almost TV knitting, but it needed a bit on concentration to make the right number of k1,yo,k1,yo’s into one stitch every six rows.

The Debbie Bliss Rialto gives excellent stitch definition, although this wasn’t really necessary, so the purl stitches show up well:

Sugar Rush detail

I’ve toyed with the idea of knitting a larger version in laceweight on the same, or larger, sized needle, to compare and contrast. Well, maybe.

The project would have been finished sooner but I was thoroughly enjoying this:

Bird in a Tree

which is Amelia Lyon‘s Willow Cowl knitted in the absolutely gorgeous Rowan Fine Art. I have one skein left, in Tawny, and it won’t be long before it’s knitted. Shawl or cowl? Cowl or shawl? Definitely too nice for socks.

So now I have no knitting on the needles and I must get on with my throw, which I’ve mentioned here. I’ve crocheted afghans in aran and chunky before, but never DK. Will I ever finish?

Shawl Challenge 2014 – April Shortlist

A shortlist of one really, but here are six other serious contenders from my board on Pinterest.

Lale Lace Shawl by Alina Appasov:

Lale Lace Shawl by Alina Appasov

Ume by Andrea Rangel:

Ume by Andrea Rangel

Evaporate by Justyna Lorkowska:

Evaporate by Justyna Lorkowska

Regenerate by Mary-Anne Mace, in the latest Knitty:

Regenerate by Mary-Anne Mace

Slip Sliding Away by Jennifer Dassau:

Slip Sliding Away by Jennifer Dassau

Winged Estonian by Rahymah:

Winged Estonian by Rahymah

You’re no doubt not in the least surprised by the presence of the last design, given my love of soft, pinky, lacy stuff.

Since it’s spring, a stitch pattern appears in several of these designs and another scarf which really shouldn’t be on the list but I love it (and if I knit it big enough then it would be a wrap – my party, my rules). That’s the tulip motif which you can see in the Lale Lace Shawl, in Liliopsida by Heidi Alander (which didn’t make the short list but may well get knitted anyway),

Detail of Liliopsida by Heidi Alander

and in Tender by manaal, which has me totally smitten.

Tender by maanel

But my selection for April is, of course, Wings of the Dove by Yulia Zakhlebina:

Wings of the Dove by Yulia Zakhlebina

I’ve already started knitting in a candy pink shade of gorgeous Debbie Bliss Rialto 4-ply. Hence Sugar Rush, since it’s so much fun to knit and may well be finished rather quickly!

Sugar Rush in the making


Note: all photos in this post were taken from Ravelry.

Shawls 2014 – March FO

So here it is, at last, the third in my 2014 Shawl Challenge. This is Valse, by Corinne Ouillon.

Let's Dance

It was a struggle, I must confess.

The main chart has a 24-stitch repeat over 24 rows (as I redrafted it), with yarn overs separated from their associated decreases by varying numbers of stitches. Definitely not TV knitting. Following two charts at once for the top border and body wasn’t a problem, just the need to concentrate.

Here’s the centre spine:

Let's Dance detail

Why did I pick the same colour as the designer? Well, I had this yarn in stash and I thought I’d continue the maroon theme from my last Ishbel. Who can resist a shade called Liqueur?

It was a relief to finish the first 105 rows and move onto the smaller pattern repeat – but that’s often the case in large shawls. And this one is big, with a wingspan of 180 cm.

But I’m not going to keep it, so some poor, unsuspecting innocent will be the “lucky” recipient of this gift.

My shortlist for April has some 20 candidates already, including lots of colourful designs for spring. There’s plenty of pink and purple as usual, but I don’t have a crochet candidate as yet. I may have made my choice, though, since there’s one with slightly unusual increases and edging.

A clue? Really easy.

“Oh for the …”

And on the subject of birds (oops),  I came down with a horrible virus last week, like a lot of people. I couldn’t do much, but I could read. I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to start a book that I’ve had for a while. I knew it was going to be good and I wasn’t disappointed, just totally absorbed. Go buy yourself Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. You won’t regret it.


Shawls 2014 – March shortlist

Although February was a short month, there were plenty of newly published shawl designs on Ravelry. My Pinterest board finished with 24 candidates again, but picking a shortlist was really difficult.

I got them down to 8, then 7, and finally 5. Here they are. (more…)