Shawl Challenge 2014 – October FO

It took me a while to decide on the design for my October shawl, but in the end it was obvious. This is See You Next September, which is based on Rose Beck’s See You in September.

See You Next September

It’s knitted in Eden Cottage Yarns Pendle, which is super soft and squishy – a total joy to knit. Everyone raves about Vikki’s yarns, and quite rightly too. Look at that fantastic stitch definition!

I chose the medium size shawl from Rose’s pattern, but I was a bit worried about running out of yarn. So instead of making a wide and shallow triangle, with increases on every row, I went for a narrower and deeper version. I increased 4 stitches on every right side row, and re-drafted the charts to mirror the centre stitches at the sides. I’m really pleased with the result: I even managed to get pointy points, which you probably know I love.

See You Next September border detail

The body of the shawl is mainly reverse stocking stitch with veins of twisted knit stitches. It shows off the leaf pattern a treat.

See You Next September pattern detail

So that’s one of the four Yarndale haul used, with two laceweight and one 4-ply remaining. What’s next? I’m thinking socks…

Shawl Challenge 2014 – October Shortlist

After months of anticipation I had a wonderful day at Yarndale on September 28. I came back with four skeins of yarn and here they are:

Yarndale Haul

From left to right:

So this month, my challenge is to knit something with one of these beauties. By the end of the month.

And maybe I won’t feel so guilty about how much I spent.

Shawl Challenge 2014 – September FO

Better late than never, here’s the one single shawl I knitted in September. This is Penny Blackcurrant, which is Will Nelson’s Pen-y-ghent in West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4-ply:

Penny Blackcurrant

There are nearly a 1000 beads in it, 155 g of yarn, and it weighs 225 g in total.  Lovely and warm for cold weather.

The stitch pattern is a beaded variant of Jack-in-the-pulpit, and takes a bit of concentration. Here’s the detail (rotated, so you don’t have to):

Penny Blackcurrant stitch detail rotated

The edging involved 2 extra short rows per row. At first I didn’t think it necessary but I carried on to produce a nice elastic edge on this huge triangle:

Penny Blackcurrant edge detail

Will has just published another pattern using the same stitch, Stormcloud Mitts.

I managed a few other projects as well. In particular, my Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroko Fukatsu in DROPS Lace held double, Gorgeous Gorgeous:

Gorgeous Gorgeous hanging

What a pleasure to knit, and heavenly to wear. Here it is just after blocking:

Gorgeous Gorgeous blocked

All I can say is, “Go knit one yourself”, because you’ll love it!

At the beginning of September I finished a lace cowl, which I love, and it has already had a few outings. Porple Whurl is Whorl by Casandra Lyons:

Porple Whurl

This is a lovely, easy and free design: total therapy for a lace addict.

And after nearly seven months, I also finished my Granny Stripe, which was an absolute relief. Here’s a little photo:

Granny in the Pink

In a while I may be able to bring myself to blog about it, but not yet. It’s nice and soft to sit on, and that’s enough for now.

I have a large Pinterest board of shawls to knit in October, and something already on the needles. But I may change the rules this month…