Shawl Challenge 2014 – August FOs

Started in July and finished 6 days into the month, my August FO has been ready for a while. It’s been worn, admired, appreciated, loved, draped and generally justified the time and materials which went into its making.

Here’s my lilac version of Agnes’ Rainbow, the third of her Meteorology collection:

Lilac Rainbow

The shawl is knit in Rowan Fine Lace which, since it contains baby suri alpaca and merino wool, is beautifully soft and delicate. There are a few beads, too:

Lilac Rainbow detail

Totally gorgeous! I think this particular shade, Jewel, has been discontinued and that’s a crying shame to a purple fiend like me.

My second August FO was another quick knit from the wonderful Heidi Alander. Here’s No No Knit, which is Nurmilintu in Schoppel Zauberball:

No No Knit

And here’s the picot bind off:

No No Knit detail

Sadly, I’ve failed to complete this and Okapi in less than two weeks.  There were several errors in the original version of the Okapi pattern and I spotted a few remaining in the revised version. Since I’ve quite a lot of tech editing work to do at the moment, I wanted something to just get on and knit.

So I’m carrying on with my Twisted Flower socks by Cookie A. You can see a mediocre iPhone picture on my project page or Instagram. Of course, they’re pink! It’s quite possible another shawl may materialise before the end of the month, but things are a bit busy right now.

On a happy note, my Pinterest board for next month already has 20 pins. But I must confess, I knitted one of them in June!

Shawl Challenge 2014 – August Shortlist

I’m happy to say there are 25 candidates on my shortlist of shawls published in July. I’m already knitting Rainbow by Agnes Kutas Knitwear Design, so this post might just end here.

But you know me better than that!

I’ve nearly finished the third of the Meteorology shawls, and I’ve been having a great time in the KAL on Ravelry. The moderators do a really amazing job of keeping the conversations going and give lots of encouragement. And I won a prize! So it’s highly likely you’ll see more of Agnes’ designs on this blog.

What am I going to knit next? I’ve narrowed it down to five.

First of all, there’s Ashveen Peerbaye‘s first shawl design, Gothika:

Gothika by Ashveen Peerbaye

Nice and versatile, it can be knitted in laceweight or 4-ply.

Next, a glorious stripey shawl from Ram Wools Yarn Co-op. This is Okapi:

Okapi by Ram Wools Yarn Co-op

It’s about time I did something with short rows, no? Hmm.

From another of my super favourite designers, Heidi Alander, there’s Nurmilintu, which is worked sideways.

Nurmilintu by Heidi Alander

This is garter stitch and lace. Would I be bored without purl rows?

Just for sheer ingenuity and loads of buttons, I couldn’t resist Multiplicity by Esther Chandler.

Multiplicity by Esther Chandler

So clever! And yes, it’s crochet.

Finally, more purple in the shape of Luck Lilac by Kristina Vilimaite.

Luck Lilac by Kristina Vilimaite

It’s tagged “mosaic” and “slipped stitches”, although there’s nothing about that picot edge. I’m fine with picot cast-off – I am – honestly!

My choice? Not sure yet, but there may be more lilac…

Note: All photos in this post were taken from Ravelry.

Shawl Challenge 2014 – July FO

Sunshine, hayfever, holidays, air conditioning – that’s summer to me. So there’s not a lot of knitting going on at the moment, anywhere. I keep seeing blogs and podcasts from the most ardent of knitters, and we’re all struggling for inspiration. I can’t even get worked up about the new Rowan magazine. It won’t last long, I’m sure.

KALs definitely help, and I’ve finished my Lilac Drizzle. This is the second of the Meteorology collection from Agnes Kutas Knitwear, featured in the associated KAL on Ravelry.

Lilac Drizzle

Here’s detail of the body, showing the moss stitch (yes!) bands between the lace sections:

Lilac Drizzle body detail

and the border:

Lilac Drizzle border detail

I picked the larger size, which meant that I had over 500 sts when knitting the border section, and over 800 to cast off.  Not a problem! The thing I like best about knitting in laceweight – and I sometimes forget this – is the stage when I’m 60 or 70 grammes into a ball and I’ve a lovely bundle of lace in my lap. And the same applies to the finished article – I just love lots of frothy lace!

I used Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace, shade 10, which is definitely Lilac, although very pink. And guess what colour I’m planning to use for the last shawl in the collection?

My sock thing has abated too, so it was a struggle to finish Minster:

Minster sock

My first Rachel Coopey knit, and definitely not my last. But it makes you feel hot just looking at them, doesn’t it?

Having nothing on the needles, I turned to my crochet. But not for long, because it’s too warm to crochet with an acrylic blanket over my knees! However, I think I’ll have a go at Lucy’s Bower Bird, now that she’s published the pattern as a PDF. Since this may not interest non-hookers, I’ll blog about it over here.

Do you have a skein of yarn which looked really special in the LYS but you can’t do anything with it? Let me just say Zauberball or, more particularly, Lace Ball. What would you do with a Lace Ball 100 in Heißes Eisen?

Lace Ball 100 in Heißes Eisen

I have tried THREE times to knit something with it, and it may be third time lucky. But more of that next time…

Shawl Challenge 2014 – June FOs

After a day or two of indecision, I picked Positive Thoughts #1 as my shawl of the month. The name is so inspiring, it just had to be chosen.

Knitted in one of my favourite yarns, Drops Lace, here’s Positively Purple:

Positively Purple

It was a bit of a struggle to get started with laceweight after so much 4-ply, and stocking stitch is never very even on large needles. (more…)