Technical Editing

Stitch counts and much more

It’s always a good idea to get someone to check anything you’ve written before you hit “publish”. As a technical editor, I not only proofread a pattern, I check a lot more as well. For any type of knitting or crochet pattern, I make sure it’s logical and clear, that the sizing is consistent, the lefts and rights are the right way round, and that all special terms and abbreviations are explained. I recommend including written instructions if there are charts, and I check them too. Most knitters like stitch counts, and even row counts – I calculate these for every step of the pattern and highlight any errors.

On balance, I think it’s better if a pattern is tech edited before it’s sent to test knitters or crocheters. I give support during the test phase and check over the final pattern before it goes on sale.

Pattern writing recommendations

Read Kate Atherley’s wonderful book for starters. Edie Eckmann’s Craftsy class will help with everything, especially style sheets. And for design, one of the best books is Shirley Paden’s Knitwear Design Workshop (she has a Craftsy class too).

Inkscape is great for schematics and I’m a massive fan of Stitchmastery for charts.